Why Volunteer?


Volunteering with us lets you gain experience with the community while helping. If you are a student it is also a way to complete your Community Hours.

Benefits of Volunteering:


  • Volunteering helps you make new friends and connections
  • Gain skills and knowledge within specific areas
  • Increases your social and relationship skills
  • Increases your self confidence
  • Combats depression
  • Helps you stay physically healthy
  • Enhance your resume with skills and experience in areas of your  personal interest


  • Opportunity to try something new
  • Be apart of your community, through service
  • Gain a sense of achievement
  • Meet a diverse range of people
  • Learn about issues facing those in your community
CCA Offers Training and Experience in Many Different Areas:


Basic Skills:

  • Communication with public
  • Working with merchandise
  • Sorting and Stocking Donations
  • Cleaning, repairs & maintenance work to interior of our organization.

Intermediate Skills:

  • Learning how to use office equipment and updating social media announcements
  • Typing and creating digital documents (such as letters, brochures, posters etc.)

Advanced Skills:

  • Computer programming, scanning and photocopying.
  • Web Page Creation and Maintenance, multimedia
  • Answering Phones, Researching  and Publishing
  • Database - updating
  • Helping with our programs

Want to Become a Volunteer?


Fill out this form and Email us at: admin@clothingassistance.com


We look forward to hearing from you!

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