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Volunteering at CCA offers
training and experience in many different areas:

Basic Skills:

· Communication with public

· Working with Cash Registers

· Sorting and Stocking Donations

· Cleaning, repairs & maintenance work to interior of our organization.

Intermediate Skills:

· Learning how to use office equipment and updating social media

· Typing and creating digital documents (such as letters, brochures,
   posters etc.)

Advanced Skills:

· Computer programming, scanning and photocopying.

· Web Page Creation and Maintenance

· Answering Phones and Publishing

(Workshops to overcome difficulties)



Benefits of Volunteering:

· Volunteering helps you make new friends and connections

· Gain skills and knowledge within
specific areas

· Increases your social and relationship skills

· Increases your self confidence

· Combats depression

· Helps you stay physically healthy

· Enhance your resume with skills and experience in areas of your  personal interest


· Opportunity to try something new

· Be apart of your community, through service

· Gain a sense of achievement

· Meet a diverse range of people

· Learn about issues facing those in your community

        Testimonial from
            a Volunteer:

“I would like to thank you sincerely for the  opportunity you presented by
 offering the placement to learn and grow from.”  It was wonderful working with  people who are team players and  cooperate to help one learn new skills.


It was a true learning experience wherein new knowledge was
obtained.   Aspects of this  information include  measuring and folding linens, sorting,  separating and storing
seasonal clothing, choosing and
selecting quality items from a pile, as well as  prioritizing tasks to complete.


It was a valuable experience getting to know all of you. I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and am grateful for the time you spent helping me gain skills I can use in the future.

CCA Volunteer