Children's Undercover Program

About the UNDERCOVER project

The Children’s UNDERCOVER
 project is 1 of 5 successful projects
operated by our organization. This one provides a 7 day supply of NEW socks and underwear for elementary school aged children whose family are in need. The age of children served is from
4– 14 YO.

The Children’s Undercover Project has been helping families since 2007. Community Clothing Assistance has helped close to 6000 children since 2007. Nearly 800 children are helped each
year with that number rising.

Community Clothing Assistance looks to the community for support in raising funds and donations in order to
continue this so far extremely
program going. CCA partners with the:
          and UNIFOR local 229


Benefits of helping:

· You as a donor help to fight the

· You as a donor help the young
generation to grow in comfort

· You as a donor help to provide a
feeling of dignity, compassion and HOPE to the children and families who
benefit from this project.

· You as a donor encourage confidence and comfort and reduce anxiety and stress that kids experience when they have to go to school without these bare necessities.

· You as a donor help that kids stay physically healthy

· You as a donor will fill satisfy that your money will go to kids who
depend on other’s support.


    A Testimony of Thanks..

“This program offered through
Community Clothing Assistance has made a great impact for my children and for myself.

As a parent who struggles to keep our family afloat, it is organizations such as Community Clothing Assistance, in which alleviate some of the added
pressures we have as parents.  Trying to cope and make sure our children have all of their basic needs met is
important and crucial to our children’s wellbeing.

Community Clothing Assistance has aided in helping my children have the necessities they need at times where I was not able to afford it. My children were able to feel comfortable in new items so personal such as the
underwear and socks that were so
generously given.

My children were happy to have had their own socks and underwear, as
opposed to having used unsanitary
garments. This
program ultimately provided my
children with safety, good hygiene,
comfort and
stability for my whole family. This gave my family the opportunity to be less stressed and able to focus on other needs that are also
important. This program is without a doubt very successful and meant a lot to my family, as I am sure it impacts others immensely as well.”